Aqua-Zooka Water Toy

Kwik Tek Inc.

Aqua-Zooka Water Toy
What is camping without an impromptu water fight on a hot summer day? Parents, kids, pets, and neighbors alike will love the refreshing torrent of water you can deliver from up to 60 feet away with this bad-boy. Fills quickly from nearly any open source of water, no need to constantly pump it back up, and has no enclosed damp spaces or flimsy plastic parts to worry about when not in use.
  • Quick Fill Water Bazooka
  • Shoots up to 60 Feet
  • For Lakes, Pools & Backyards
  • Siphon Water from a Pool, Lake or Bucket
  • Non-Slip EVA Grip & Handle
  • No batteries or Pumps to Replace or Break
  • Durable Hi-Impact Construction
*Guarantee RV is an AMVIC Licensee. Prices exclude government taxes. 
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